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I am a champion of Women-Owned brands and not just on March 8 (International Women’s Day) or during the month of March but year-round. Finding and working with women-owned brands is part of my criteria when searching for products to share with you on Fornire. This does not mean that I do not love male-owned brands because I do! But I seek out the women first. Here are just four of my favorites to date and the reasons why I love them:

Earth Harbor Self-Care Products

The focus here is using only high-performing and organic ingredients with a commitment to sourcing the most premium and pure natural elements. Every product is produced in micro-batches to maintain quality, purity and freshness.

They are gorgeous products inside and out that are ethically made and deliver real results. And, I am happy to share that we have just added more from this line so make sure to check these out!

Sophia Rinkert Ateliers

A teacher by day and skin care atelier by night. Sophia Rinkert’s motivation to create skincare items that work stems from her own personal experience with a lifelong struggle with keratosis pilaris.

Exasperated with lackluster results from drugstore brands and high-end lines, she began creating her own personal skincare products in college using the purest ingredients. Paraben free, phthalate free and cruelty free, all products are handmade in small batches.

The sugar scrub is wonderful, decadent and dense so it will last for a long time. And it comes in amazing fragrances that will turn an everyday shower into a spa experience.

And her Bombshell Blue Tansy Oil is perfect for sensitive skin with its calming properties, which my rosacea prone cheeks love. You only need to use a few drops at night after cleansing and voila!

Bombshell Beautiful!

Powder Designs Inc.

Created in 2009 by award winning Design Director Lisa Beaumont, Powder has since grown a reputation for creating unique accessories that are beloved by women everywhere.

I smile every time I look at these whimsical and happy accessories. EVERY TIME! They are sunshine and happiness wrapped up in stunning bespoke packaging. Each piece is a treat! The trick might be in deciding which one to wear on any given day.

A Girl Like Me Art – Coffee Mugs

Radiating positivity for woman and girls, the mugs are a joy to behold, to give and to have, but it is the message in the art that really matters. SHE, the artist behind the magic, stands firmly in absolute support of all things female, and her art reflects this. A perfect gift and message for every woman and girl.

Now remeber, these are just FOUR of the wonderful woman-owned brands that are now part of the Fornire family. I have not covered the makers behind the jewelry, candles, oyster dishes, beauty masks, lip scrubs or the chocolates that are part of our birthday gifts, but I will! Pinky swear.

Stay tuned!


The Chief Proprietress 👑

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