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These are a few MORE of my favorite things!

Time flies by, right?! Suddenly we are at the end of April and drat, I am only now following up on my promise to share a few more of my favorite things from some of the amazing woman-owned brands that we carry here at Fornire! But have no worries - the long-anticipated follow-up is here!

We recently received our first shipment of items from Janet Hill Studios. To say that I am obsessed with Janet’s art is mild, and to be honest I almost don’t want to let any of it go because I love it so much. Ms. Hill’s work is whimsical, nostalgic and elegance all wrapped-up together. And there is no shortage of fun here. It is light-hearted but captivating, and it will make you stop and look again and again. And maybe even make you wish that you could be part of a scene. Her pieces provide for a lovely break from the ordinary and mundane whether in a card (we have added some of her birthday cards to our birthday gift!) or in a tear away note pad or a print hung on the wall. Take a look because I firmly believe that you will be glad that you have a tiny piece of Janet Hill’s creativity in your world.

Anne Vaughan Jewelry is handmade loveliness! Her pieces are beautifully crafted using natural gemstones, Czech glass, and crystals. They are nickel and lead safe, but more importantly unique and timeless. Using natural gemstones means that no two pieces are alike, and everything is designed and crafted in her Virginia studio. I am especially drawn to the Peonies bracelet that can also be worn as a necklace - talk about beautiful versatility! And her pieces layer beautifully with other pieces which is still very on-trend. And they make wonderful gifts!

On the self-care side we have Skin Authority! This is a group who is passionate about and committed to providing skin care that delivers immediately visible results through health inspired products that are cleanly formulated. We have just added the illuminating body peel which is a multipurpose product that hydrates, exfoliates and smooths while minimizing imperfections without irritating skin. This can be used shoulders to toes, and I for one very much need this now that we are into spring charging toward summer, so check this out!

One of my first loves when Fornire was launched and still is - NCLA products. We started with the lip sugar scrubs and then added the lip sugar Birthday Scrub to our ready-to-ship birthday gift. We recently added the Watermelon Balm Babe, which is really yummy but more importantly, it works! No drying out of the lips here - just nourishing ingredients to soothe and smooth! And we now have the Coconut Body Sugar Scrub available!! This smells fantastic but more importantly it will exfoliate and deeply moisturize skin. And best of all, NCLA is 100% natural, cruelty-free and vegan. These are products that work AND you can feel good about using!

So, in closing, you now have a bit more of an insight into four more of the fantastic woman-owned brands that we carry at this woman-owned shop called Fornire. We want you to shop beautifully for yourself or for someone else and feel good about the lines that we carry!

Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any comments, questions or need help with these or any of our products. I would love to hear from you!

Yours always,

The Chief Proprietress 👑

PS – Mother’s Day is Coming!

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