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Stronger then yesterday. This is a quote that I came across when I was looking for inspirational images of women to share in celebration of International Women’s Day (March 8!).

Stronger then yesterday. Indeed. But we still have more work to do and by work, I mean support, love, celebrate, lift-up and cheer-on one another as women. Period.

The problems that women still face today - whether it is misogyny in the workplace, domestic abuse, dismissive attitudes, lack of opportunities and respect, harassment, ageism. These barriers, walls and gaps in fairness affect ALL OF US. And we must continue the push to move forward.

Look back to see how far we have come and then resolve to continue the march because we have so much more ground to cover.

We are more than the sum of our parts. We are intelligent, we are strong, we are loving, we are compassionate, we are opinionated, we are survivors - which makes us fearless and this makes us superheroes.



The Chief Proprietress of a Woman-Owned🤍Small Business

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