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Open Lines of Communication and Dry Lips Suck

Updated: Feb 22

We now have a Facebook Group Fornire is Giving and would love to have you join and be part of our journey, hear our random thoughts, get insight into new ideas, gifts, and maybe even receive special offers!!!

Speaking of random thoughts, I am still devoted to NCLA’s Red Roses Lip Sugar Scrub and I am super excited when someone buys this because it works and tastes like candy. PLUS, it’s all natural and vegan so double yay!!

Recently the equally awesome half of one of our fantastic customers shared that he too tried out the sugar scrub and that they have even used this on their kiddos (because kids can have dry lips too!). So, this wonderful little item has become a family affair!!

I love feedback like this. It’s the fuel that keeps the fire going over here at the Fornire world headquarters!

Do you have a story, like a product, or want to share thoughts on how we are doing or what you would like to see us do? I am all ears! You can reach us through our Reviews tab, join our FB group, Fornire is Giving or even drop me a line at hello@fornire.net!

Talk to you soon!!


The Chief Proprietress

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