• Chief Proprietress

No Dull Spaces!

This will be quick because all I want to do is share some happiness! In the form of Janet Hill Art Prints! Because I love them so much and think that everyone should have one or six in their space.

I was mesmerized the first time I saw Janet’s work. It is so whimsical and fun and a bit nostalgic. There is a narrative going on within each one and I always find myself wanting to know more.

I immediately started to associate the prints that are featured on Fornire with people that I know and love. I had a little conversation (with myself) about why a certain print would be perfect for this person or that person and before I knew it. I was buying Janet’s prints!

I am going to be all Carly Simon like (youg ones, look it up) and not share the people behind the inspiration for the purchase but know that I would freely give these away if I could afford to and tell each person just why a particular print reminds me of them. And for me, this is what makes something great and also a perfect gift!!!

No pressure to buy but do look because I think they are amazing.

No dull spaces!!!!

Your always,

The Chief Proprietress 👑

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