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My Summer Beauty Essentials 2021 Edition. AKA This might Be Long.

I love of skincare products probably because my dear mom gave me my first bottle of Raintree moisturizers when I was 12. She explained that I should apply this to my face every night and every morning. I was 12 so sure, why not it seemed glamorous!

Dearest mom also gave me my first set of cosmetics when I was 13! Brown mascara that I could barely apply and the sheerest pink blush. No eyeliner, concealer nothing fancy or involved but I still felt like a super model!!

My Mom. A natural beauty. I miss her so much. 🤍

Now as a woman who is no longer young, I realize that mom set me up for good habits from a young age. I still use moistures twice a day and I have toned down the make-up over time to fit more into her natural aesthetic (because I think less is younger looking). But I no longer use raintree moisturizer instead I am having a relationship with Earth Harbor and their many wonderful products along with Skin Authority, Sophia Rinkert Ateliers and NCLA.

Earth Harbor is all-natural and VEGAN. And the names for their products make me feel giddy, like a goddess! But I do not want to short-change them because their products are results driven. If you want to try a natural line that works and looks wonderful on your shelf, vanity, wherever – Earth Harbor is the way to go! Here is my routine:

Tidal Rose crystal hydration mist toner – shake and spritz on face, 3 spritzes should do it. Pat into skin. Tidal Rose is excellent for locking in moisture and softening skin. Use this before your moisturizer and through the day to freshen up. Add this to your routine if you have:

· Dry or Inflamed Skin

· Rough Skin

· Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Next Celestine hydra-plumping peptide serum! I use the on my forehead and under my eyes as both areas tend to look dry the older, I become. Celestine can be used everywhere not just on your face. Consider adding to your skincare routine if you have:

· Dehydrated Skin

· Loss of Firmness or Elasticity

· Enlarged Pores

· Over-Active Sebum Production

Nymph Nectar superfruit radiance balm is the bomb!! I love this and use this on my dry facial patches, after a few days, patches gone, smooth, soft skin hooray!!! And you only need to use a little bit so this will last for a while.

Siren Silk Multitasking Hydration Cream – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. This will sound cheesy but I have been told that I am cheesy, so oh well! It goes on like silk and is deeply moisturizing, Perfect for skin that is beyond 30 years old. It can be used day and night if you need intense moisturizing or just at night for regular use. Plan to add this to your routine if you have:

· Dry & Rough Skin

· Fine Lines & Wrinkles

· Lack of Essential Vitamins and Nutrients

· Loss of Elasticity

My other new loves for summer include Skin Authority Illumination Body Peel Cream. Rough feet? Kiss them GOODBYE but make sure that your lips are moisturized first with NCLA watermelon babe balm before smooching! -ha-ha! But seriously, my heels have never looked so good. I use the body peel every day on my feet and you do not need to use socks after. We have the petite size in stock which is a great way to try something for the first time. Scoop one up now because it is sandal season!!

My weekly beauty routine includes Blue Crush Mask – which I have talked about before. This is gentle, non-drying and smells wonderful. I add coconut oil to mine.

I also love sugar scrubs especially the ones from Sophia Rinkert Ateliers. They are gentle, decadent and smell amazing!! We have a few left in the sugared peach scent.

If you love the scent of coconut then you will love NCLA Hey, Sugar Body Scrub. It will become your new BBF or at least until the jar is empty. This is also wonderful for exfoliating and leaves a subtle but delightful tropical coconut scent in the air.

So, what else do I love for summer 2021?????? Cute scrunchies that are not basic scrunchies. Of course, adorable Powder Design shortie socks when I am not wearing sandals, I am wearing their 100% bamboo socks that were designed in Scotland - Ooooo.

I also love summer bags! The Raja Clutch is stylish and chic, perfect for nights out. We have many sizes of adorable totes ready to haul beach gear, use for trips to the pool. They can handle your shopping and be used as décor at home, stack towels into one for a beachy look. Pile magaines or toys into one for an instant tidy! And best news – all totes and bags are now 20% Off!!!!! Yippee!!!!!

I also love summer dresses and we will have a few in stock very soon!

Your always,

Chief Proprietress 👑

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