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Is it spring yet???

Updated: Jan 31

30 January 2021

I have a small case of spring fever. I love the winter season until the end of January and then I am ready to start working in the garden, switch boots for flip flops and be outside. I definitely long for warmer weather once we hit the end of January.

But I can't wish away winter too quickly!! After all, we have Valentine's Day coming up!! And I love anything that celebrates and encourages expressions of love whether romantic or the love that you have for good friends and family. Celebrating love is pretty wonderful.

It can be as simple as sending someone a sentimental note or maybe a phone call that ends with "I love you." Sending a sweet and unexpected gift that lights up someone's day is lovely too. But at the heart of it (pun intended) love is what it's all about for me and this is why I ❤ Valentine's Day.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the season of hearts and what it means to you.

I am all ears!


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