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Dry, Dry, Dry, Dry, Dry

Updated: Feb 10

The cold winter air is leaving me dry. Dry hair, dry nails, dry eyes. DRY! But not dry lips. Why you might ask? Because I have been using NCLA sugar sugar lip scrub a few times a week so my lips are in good shape! If only this worked on hips as well as lips but I digress.

NCLA lip scrubs are vegan and delicious and they work. And the cheeky names are a bonus because I am goofy this way and I like cheeky names. We have a few left as part of our Lips Like Sugar gift duo which is packed into an adorable heart box. ADORABLE! CIN-MIN Horchata lip balm is also part of this gift. I love this too! A little bit of cinnamon and a whole lotta moisture!

OR, go for the trifecta and purchase the Little Box of Love gift set. This includes the Horchata lip balm and Woven Pear crew socks in Briar Rose - which are adorable and cozy and they don't slip, plus an NCLA nail lacquer duo. 2 polishes are included in "A Crazy Little Thing Called Love." One shade is a demure pink and the other is sparkle hearts. NCLA is an all vegan, cruelty free beauty line so you are doing something good while looking good! ;0

But if you really want to feel pampered and loved OR send a spectacular gift to someone, then you must go for the Fornire Winter Gift Collection. It includes everything and more! And It's on sale!!

The lucky few who purchase this will receive all of the above PLUS a full size Ladione's Rose Oud body shea butter which is a must right now for parched skin. It goes on easily, absorbs quickly, and smells fantastic! A little spicy sexy warm rose which lingers subtly and moisturizes divinely. We are also including a petite jar of Ladione's herbal manuka honey facial cleanser. I use this every morning in the shower - a little dab is all you will need. And then you can keep all of these goodies in the adorable beauty pouch from Papaya which is as pretty on the inside as it is outside and it has a cute tassel. HAVE I MENTIONED THAT ALL OF THESE GIFTS SETS ARE ON SALE?? IT'S MADNESS BUT IT'S MY MADNESS. 😉

So go - go now and scoop up these divine items and banish the dry from your life while adding sparkle and sweetness. Or, better yet send a gift set to someone as a lovely surprise and make their day!!

Purchase now and we might be able to have it shipped it in time for Valentine's Day.

Go now! Don't Delay!!

Yours truly,

The Chief Proprietress

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