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Cool Beauty Products for Hot Summer Days!

Updated: Jun 29

I love Summer but sun, humidity outside, and air conditioning inside can be hard on skin and hair! So, I am sharing some "cool" beauty products that I love for summer and beyond!

Blue Crush Maritime Perfecting Mask. Restore moisture, luster and bounce with the maritime beauty. A blend of clays and coconut cream work together to gently exfoliate dry and dead skin buildup while Blue Green Algae and Indigo provide luxurious skin nutrition for a brighter and smoother complexion.

Brand New Bikini Butter is a luxe shaving cream that isn't just for bikini wearers! Gentle skin needs extra protection year-round. Bikini Butter helps to moisturize and ensure a silky-smooth razor glide.

Cloudburst provides a burst of hydration that is light as a cloud. It locks in long-lasting hydration for the day ahead. Naturally quench your skin’s thirst with an outpouring of glow-enhancing Marine Probiotics, plumping Botanical Hyaluronic Acid, and a balancing Wildcrafted Herbal Complex.

Beach Waves for Hair is back in stock! This uplifting mango sea salt spray has an identical salinity to the Atlantic Ocean for a sea-swept beach style with subtle volume and sexy texture. For Beach Hair Year-Round! Hey Sugar Body Scrub in coconut. Kiss dry skin good-bye with ingredients that are sweet but tough on dry skin while also being deeply moisturizing. Gentle exfoliation that will leave skin glowing. Tidal Rose Hydration Mist is a natural toner, hydration enhancer and makeup setter in one! Lock in moisture, soften skin and restore ph balance. Use this before moisturizer in the morning and anytime you want to hydrate skin.

Check these beauties out and more in our beauty section AND receive a complimentary gift on all beauty purchases while supplies last!

Yours always,

The Chief Proprietress 👑

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