The Story

John and Toni

The inspiration behind Fornire is rooted in love and loss during a time of pandemic.  You see, my godfather John – a renowned Celtic artist died in April 2020 and broke the heart of his wife, Toni - who is also my godmother. 

We were in a mandatory lockdown when he died with orders to not have contact with anyone who was not living in the same household.  Period.

Like many, I really struggled to find a way to connect and show love and support to my godmother during this sad time. I wanted to hug her but could not, but then I had an A-HA moment! 


I decided to design a custom blanket printed with images from some of John’s art.  This would become the hug that I could not give Toni.  Fornire was born.

Our goal is simple.  We want to help people connect, express love, show gratitude and support while helping build stronger relationships with thoughtfully curated gifts because it is always better to give.

Gift giving can be hard and time consuming.  We can help.